House of Lashes: Lash Case and Latex free lash glue


On instagram (follow me votrepetitchou), I follow a lot of makeup artists and beauty companies. I’ve been seeing a lot of House of Lashes products on my news feed and I was very interested. I swooned over these adorable lash cases from them and HAD to have them. They are $6.00 individually or $10 for 2 of them. I bought 2 of them because I knew that one would not suffice my forever growing lash collection haha. I also bought the lash glue. It is latex free and waterproof! It smells amazing and let me just tell you, that is a feat considering most lash glue smell like rotting fish haha. The lash glue was $8. I held off on buying any lashes only because I made a big purchase at Red Cherry before. I made a post about those lashes here, I will though, very soon, buy lashes from them because they look amazing. They have different categories and I believe each lash is around $9 and higher. You can also buy in ‘bulk’. I used that term loosely. You can get 3 pairs of the same lash for $22 which saves you several bucks.

Anyways, I tried the lash glue and the applicator is a great little brush, easy for applying the glue straight to the lash strip. It dried fairly fast and it’s very durable. I didn’t have a problem with it almost coming off or anything. I wore the lashes for almost 20 hours haha (don’t follow in my footsteps! it was a late night:P)

Below are the pictures of my purchase : ) the shipping was fast. I’m in Ontario, they are in California. It got to me within a week. The packaging is absolutely adorable! As a lover of design and packaging, I was very happy to see the inside of the lash glue box is adorned with a beautiful pattern. it made my heart swoon! haha I recommend their stuff 100%!


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